Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Week 2 in Tuapse

Tuapse Branch Picnic

Walking with Ira, the daughter of our investigator

The time has come . . . its P day . . . I'm in an internet club, and tons of Russian kids are yelling crazy things in Russian, swearing at each other, and playing some online game.

I'm not sure if I spoke last week about the ongoing war I'm having with the mosquitoes, but I feel like I'm finally winning some battles. I feel like the mosquitoes here got the word out to the other mosquitoes that some chocolate thing is walking around town in a white shirt and tie and he's delicious! The mosquitoes were having a heyday for about a week and a half, but just like how you can only eat so much chocolate cake without getting sick of it, I think that they are done with me and went back to drinking milk.
We had a branch picnic earlier this week and it was crazy! When I heard picnic I thought that we would all meet up at some park, eat some sandwiches on a picnic table, and then say goodbye. To my surprise, we took a bus to the middle of nowhere and then proceeded to hike for an hour to the absolute middle of nowhere and put a small thin layer of cloth made for maybe 4 and somehow sqeezed 15 people onto it and a bunch of food. We then made a fire and ate chicken nonstop for 8 hours as I strained every braincell I have to understand what everyone was saying. The picninc would have been more fun if I didn't crack my knee open when falling on a sharp rock and being bitten by a third of the mosquitoes in Tuapse. We did have an investigator there, and I think his daughter and he had a good time, so that was good.
Elder Porter and I get along beautifully, and one day we filmed a documentary of "the woman in the red shirt" climbing into a sewer drain to save a random cat. It was honestly hilarious, and I will do everything in my power to send that out. As I said in my last email ,we are promoting English club, and I told Elder Porter to start telling all the kids we meet that I was Obama's nephew, so. . . 1) Pretty much every kid in Tuapse loves us and comes up to us to say hello. 2) English club is gonna be packed!

Well, the mission is going good. Only 2 drunk guys tried to fight us this week. I have never prayed this much . . ever, and I know that my Heavenly Father is watching over me. :) The Church is true, that I promise you. And if you ever want to find out for yourself you can find out through prayer!
Love, Elder Curran
P.S. Fwd this to anyone who you think would like to read it and send me a letter. I love hearing from you.

PPS Mom: I have no idea how he killed his wife. The Uzbek resturant is a priority for today. I like the Russia tour idea. I just introduced myself in church. It wasn't anything particular. I wish I had a 2 hour lunch. We only have 1. But it's ok. I'm trying to clean the apt. But it's really hard to keep it clean cause Russia is so dusty.

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