Friday, April 29, 2011

Food for Thought

This week was nuts.

I lost my mind a little more i think. About 3 weeks ago I randomly found myself washing dishes in the bathroom sink. the other day I spent a good 3 min trying to open a door, and the realized the keey needs to turn before you unlock it. I have a hard time talking to people when it doesnt revolve around the gospel. I pretty much know how to do 3 things. Find. Teach. and Baptize.

Couple miracles. President has been talking about how to excersise faith. it is when you go outside of what we know and are comfortable with. Faith brings miracles.So Ive been trying to go eveen more outside my comfort zone and go above and beyond and show the Lord just how bad I want to baptize people. Lots and Lots of people! elder Tippets and i were outside at 9:15 pm waiting for a districtleader to come home and give him some paper work. As we were waiting outside there were 3 individuals laughing and smoking outside around the corner. First glance we were like. They are definately not intrested, plus its past 9. But we realized that we need to "talk to everyone" and went and invited them to read from the book of mormon and find out if its true. yeah they accepted. jack and maggie were super prepared by the Lord to recieve the message of the Restoration. Also we really wanted to have an investigator with a baptisimal date this week and looking at who we were teaching it was looking like noone was at that point to accept a date. As we litterally did all we could the Lord led us to a 11 yr old unbaptized child whos mom wants him to be baptized and she wants to come back to church with her family. she just didnt know where the church was. as you do all you can and excersise faith the Lord will ALWAYS bless you with righteous desires. After a trial of your faith.

The church is true and if you dont belive me ask God.
Sister Everett is in our zone. Were taking them to Edmonds community college with us on wed to help them learn how to street contact people more effectively.

Sunday is a day filled with meetings and stress about getting investigators to church. Im pretty sure i remember meeting Sister Wilcox she was nice.
love Elder Curran

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Right now we are working hard to help out the zone to find people everyday. On Sat We went on an exchange with one of the district leaders in the north Seattle Zone we found a woman named Megan who agreed to read the Book of Mormon and pray and ask if it was true. She said if she recieved an answer b4 the middle of next month she would be baptized May 14th. we talked to and invited ever single person we could to read the Book of Mormon and asked them for a referral. Then someone gave us a referral for Megan. I was reading in Ether today about the Brother of Jared and how he figured out how to get light in the ship. The Brother of Jared needed light. And was like. Lord how are we gonna get light into this boat. The Lord turned it back on him and was like thats a good question. How are we gonna get light into this boat? So he goes to work and gets the rocks and presents the Lord with them and says I did all I could and retrieved these rocks. Will you light them up? The Lord expects us to do all we can and present him with solutions to our own problems. And then after we have done all we can we have developed enough faith to recive a miracle. When missionaries are upset they aren't baptizing, I just ask them, are you doing all you can? Same with the desires of life. Are we doing all we can first?

Food for thought.

More diversity means that there are more than just white people and every kind of race is out and about. There are about 33 missionaries in the zone. We have a 3 pack of sisters. The singles ward has the most opportunity for teaching but the singles aren't very missionary minded. The singles ward boundaries are the zone's boundries. We go to the singles ward for the first 2hrs and the family ward for the last two. It has to be organized but it works out. We spend a lot of Sunday in meetings.

Elder Curran

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Scoop

Just got transfered to the Southern Everett, Lynwood Area. Into the Bev Park Ward. My companion is Elder Tippets from St. George Ut. Every companion so far in Everett has been from UT. When I came here we had a girl on date for the 30th, but I invited her to be baptized on Sat and she was. :) We cover the Bev Park Ward and a singles Ward. We're striving to have 2 more baptisms this month. I'm alot closer to Seattle now so theres alot more diversity. Please pray for me to have prepared people put in my path in every prayer and for me to have lots and lots of baptisms! Other than that, there is nothing very intresting going on. I talk to everyone and invite them to be baptized. That happens every day. Elder Nieto is spanish speaking but has been an english Zone leader for the last 3 months. love elder curran

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Getting Transferred

I got transfered. My companion was hardworking. Its just after 3 transfers. 4.5 months it starts to wear on you being together 24/7 every single minute. If it was another Transfer it would be 6 months. Way too long. I dont know where Im being transfered to. Well find out tomorrow but Im still a zoneleader so there ar only 5 other places I could go. Im hoping to go to bellingham and serve with my buddy Elder neito. I promised the assistants 10 baptisms if they did. I also could be called as the next assistant but I doubt that will happen. I left this area with 5 people on date to be baptized. and my last area has 4 people I found who are going to be baptized. love your son Elder Curran ps I forgot the camera but intended to send pictures Ill try to send them.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ready for a Transfer

My companion asked me if I would skip P day with him and work. So after we clean the apartment were gonna go save some souls. We found 10 new investigators last week and a family of 5 came to church that is golden. Were probably gonna baptize them in april. I think Im gonna get transferred next tues. I would like some new scenery Ive been in the same zone for like 11 months. It seems like I got sent to the Marysville Mission. I'm trying to get lost in the work. Are you praying for prepared people to be put in my path in every prayer?