Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Alive and Working Hard

Yesterday was memorial day so we only had a little time today to write. Ill write more next week. Thank you fo rthe pictures.

the church is true.

I'm alive and working hard.

Love your son
Elder curran

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This past week we went to visit a potential that was contacted earlier in the transfer. She greeted us at the door and told us she was open to learning and was pagan. In the past I havent had any luck with pagans, but we came back and taught her the message of the restoration and invited her to ask God if it was true. She and her 13yr old son both prayed and came to church and she feels that it is true. They are on date for baptism the 11th of June. A recent convert in the singles ward met an individual name Mike at the hot tub of their apartment and she shared how the Book of Mormon and the Church of Jesus Christ had changed her life. She INVITED him to church and he accepted. At church we greeted him, then taught him after sacrament, found out he wants to change his life and invited him to be baptized on June 18th. He agreed! There are prepared people just like Mike walking around members of Christ's Church everyday. You might be next to one right now as you're reading this. The only way the Lord is going to help you find them is if you WANT to find them and you are willing to Pray, Seek, and Invite! I invite you all to qualify yourselfs to assist the Lord in the Marvelous Work! No unhollowed hand cant stop it! We have 8 on date for baptism. The record for the most baptisms in one transfer in this mission is 14. There is gonna be 15 next transfer in the area. Watch. Please continue to plray for me that prepared people will be put in my path. The church of Jesus Christ has been restored to the Earth. Please ask God to know that that is true. :)
I definately plan on marrying in the temple. And the scripture in Mosiah 8:18 is correct. Faith is how these miracles are happening. Action. Doing something with the Hope that the Lord has people prepared to receive the message.
I guess I don't hate dogs but I dont plan on having pets. Im fine with other peoples dogs unless they smell or get hair on me. But they are too much for me to want to deal with.
Hope all is well. I hope you baptize A's friend who came to church. How many times does someone need to come to church before they are baptized? Has she been invited to be baptized when she comes to know these things are true? If not then it will be hard for her to have real intent as she investigates. Anyway. Hope all is well.

love your son,
Elder Curran

Monday, May 9, 2011

Even More Food for Thought

The Work has been moving forward. We are getting referrals like crazy. We have so many people to work with there just isn't enough time right now to visit them all. My hope is that we are following the Spirit and spending our time with those that will truly progress. We hope to have 6 on date for baptism by the end of the Week. It seems that we are at the point now where we are finding people each week that want to be baptized. The Lord is truly blessing our area. I've been thinking about or message of the restoration and just how wonderful it is. God continues to speak with Man. God continues to give us scripture. Truth that was lost has been restored. Whats even better is that we dont expect you to just believe that. We Invite all men everywhere to find out if that is true for themselves. Ask God with a sincere and open heart willing to act on the answer and He will tell you himself! Often I ask people if the Book of Mormon was actually from Jesus Christ would they want to read it. In my opinion any true christian and follower of Jesus Christ would want all Christ has to offer. Also I feel that they would take the time to find out for themselves if the Book of Mormon was true. The Book of Mormon is true. The way I know is because God has answered my prayers and has told me through the power of the Holy Ghost.

I hate dogs. I haven't gotten bitten by any but my companion in Granite Falls did. Also they smell and get hair everywhere. Not a fan. It was fun to talk to you as well. Hope all is well with you.

Elder Curran

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Mother's Day Call

The Mother's Day call was great. Brandt talked about his area and about his success. They are working in two wards, but believes there is enough work for two other pairs of elders. He is very confident in approaching people, which helps a lot. Right now they are working primarily in one apartment building. They have several people on date for baptism, and expect to have many more.

Brandt is enjoying his mission. He shared his philosophy that missionaries can baptize everywhere. If he missionary is prepared, the Lord will lead him to people who are ready, and there are people who are ready everywhere.

It was super to talk to him.

Friday, May 6, 2011

More Food for Thought


This week has been the craziest week of my whole mission. I have never seen so many miracles . . . ever. Your going to think Im exaggerating but we met over 80 people who accepted our invitation to meet with us. We cover 2 wards a family ward and a singles ward. So I was thinking how can we find more Young Single Adults. . . . . Answer. Colleges. So we went to the Comunity College which is like a mile from where the YSA Ward is and asked if we could contact people on campus. Guess what. We can. So we went there armed with like 30 copies of the book of mormon. 100s of pamphets and and cards for days. We gave them all away. Those who accepted wrote down their information and from 2.5 hours of proselyting we found 35 people. Crazy. Then we have this apartment complex named Covington Farms. We spent the last 3 days in there, and I promise you every other person accepted our invitation to investigate the Church. It was sooooo crazy I was like this is what it must be like in South America or Brazil. WE found someone Thursday named Jenny and Gave her the Book of Mormon. Friday we taught her. Saturday she read 6 chapters. Sunday she came to a cottage meeting. This morming she said she prayed and asked God is it was true and if Joseph Smith is a prophet and then she texted us to tell us of the Overwhelming feeling she felt of happiness and she couldnt stop crying. We went there this morning and invited her and her 8 yr old son to be baptized on May 28th. (Please pray for her to keep staying strong) We met her on Friday! Saturday we had 3 more baptisms, a family! and Sunday some one who hadnt been confirmed yet got confirmed. And we have 4 on date to be baptized in May! Things are crazy.

Food for Thought - God hears and answers our prayers. Thank you for yours. Please keep asking for the Lord to put prepared people in your path and in mine!

The Church is true and if you dont believe me ask God.

On sat we had 4 more baptisms.

18 total.

I have a goal of 24. I think Ill reach that. And a secret goal of 40. Which I'm hoping the Lord will bless me with!


Elder Curran