Monday, March 21, 2011

A Little Down

I dont live with a host family I dont know what your talking about or asking about that.
Im getting sick of my companion. Ive been with him for 4 months. I miss my old ward ,but I say thankyou to them when they feed us. Mission president is awesome I try to listen to him and follow his direction so I can baptize more people!
I am trying to give God's word to everyone. THE BOOK OF MORMON! and help them see the need for a restoration.
Ward activities? I hate ( ). I decided to just go find prepared people and baptize them.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

And More Answers

1. describe your surroundings (is it a suburb, town, or countryside?)
2. tell me about support from ward members
3. how is your health?
4. do they do church tours on your mission, (how was the most recentchurch tour & what did you do & say on the church tour)
5. what service has someone done for you recently & how did you acknowledge it?
6. what service have you done for nonmembers?
7. what wildlife have you seen?
8. Are you involved with reactivation efforts?, what works well?

1. Its the city of Marysville for about 20 percent. The rest is an Indian reservation.
2. I hate this ward and miss Granite Falls. Vocally Supportive but not really doing anything. But still there are people the Lord has for us to find so we do.
3. We do do church tours. Not as often as we should. We talk about the restoration mostly.
4. I'm pretty healthy
5. My companion always take my plate at dinner. I say thank you.
6. I offer service everyday. Noone has yet to accept it for a while. Actually on a 4 pack xchange we picked up some guy's garbage that fell. he wasn't intrested though.
7. Wildlife? Tons of trees.
8. Reactivation? we invite all others to come unto Christ. Members Nonmembers Less active. Then it is up to them to act. I tend to ask less actives why they decided to be baptized and then invite them to read saily from the Book of Mormon.

Who is this person?

love your son Elder Curran

Monday, March 7, 2011

Answers to More Questions

#1what is the coolest thing you experienced/saw this week?
#2 what is your favorite thing about your companion?
#3 what do you most enjoy about your missionary work?
#4 how do the non-members in the area view Mormons? are they well received?
#5 can you send me some photos of you, your companions, the people you've taught?

1. This week we found 5 new investigators.
2. My favorite thing about my companion is that he works hard and likes basketball
3. I enjoy being led by the spirit to those Heavenly Father wants me to find that have been prepared to recive the message of the Restoration.
4. Most people see mormons as non christians. But It doesnt matter were not out here to convice people that the church is true. Were simply looking for those who are searching for the gospel.
5. next week if I remember.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Answers the Questions

Questions from Mom:
#1.....tell me one spiritual experience you had this week#2....whose houses did you eat at this week...and tell me about the families#3---tell me one lesson you taught this week...what was it about? how wasit received?#4--what was one fun thing you did this week#5--what service did you do this week

We found someone through the spirit who wants to be baptized. D. We'll see if he continues to progress.
I ate at the Crawfords and our Ward Mission Leaders the Mellums. The Crawfords are trying to help us baptized their sons girlfriend. We taught her at dinner but she needs to ask her parents permission to be taught. Her dad went on a mission to Taiwan and now is excommunicated and her mom is a member but less active. And she doesnt know anything about the church
Funny thing? Nothing
I didnt do any service.
Im in the Arlington Stake now. But I still have contact with the leaders in the Marysville stake. Im in the Firetrail Ward. There wasnt much going on when we got here but were trying to get it going.
love elder curran