Monday, August 22, 2011

Crazy Investigator

Im 25.
25 is a very reflective age to turn.
This is my third birthday in a row as a full time missionary. Crazy.
Alora Campell was baptized on Sat!
Our investigator Jeff accepted a baptisimal date for September 3rd.
Were teaching an alcoholic woman named Lisa who has developed feelings for me. She writes me love letters everytime I see her. I would be concerned about it but shes 45 and is the woman in the attached picture. I asked her who Joseph Smith was and she told me "he was a prospector?"
I asked where the Book of Mormon came from and she said, " I dont think we'll ever know"
My response was to burry my face in my hands in frustration because 2 months of work has gone nowhere.
Were turning her over to the ward until she can get sober. Also, my new companion hates her.
After 2 months of pounding the pavement and knocking doors in the richest area in the mission we are turning our efforts towards the ward and doing all we can to pound out member refferals and are seeing success.
We had a Russian investigator come to church! And even though hes leaving to go to Cali on Fri for a year, I now have the faith that I can baptize Russians.
Joseph Smith was a prophet, not a "prospector" and Jesus Christ, though him, restored the fullness of the Gospel. And its delicious.
Try it.
Samoa sounds intresting.
i dont think I would really want to go there. ive had some bad experiances with polynesians.
Dicussions were a terrible idea in my opinion. How can you teat a person to their needs when you have a rote presentation. Impossible to actually help the person from where they are at.
Kirkland is killing me trating so were going back to member work. I gave it 2 months and saw no fruit so were switching things up. Sorry about aunt Daisy. Although the truthfulness of the plan of salvation brings me peace and I understand the real plan. My mission is dwindling away. So sad.
love your son Elder curran
PS Sister Dryayba is the one who's sister is overseas.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lots of Refferrals

New companion - Elder Sellers
1st Companion not from Utah. Hes from Minnesota.
Hes a poet. He writes a new poem every night. Hes extremely Cynical and Sarcastic. I love it.
My purpose as a Missionary is to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them recieve the Restored Gospel through Faith in Jesus Christ, Repentance, BAPTISM, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end.
I love being a Missionary.
Where has the time gone?
Our refferals continue to flood in. I have Russian refferals for practically every Stake in the mission. In about a month Ill probably just be spending all day driving around the Mission visiting refferals.
Apparently there is a super solid family of Russians in Mt Vernon I get to go teach.
Thank you for your prayers. Please continue.
Abinadi had great Faith (Mosiah 13:3-4) He KNEW the Lord would help in accomplish the task requested of him.
That helps me have the Faith that the Lord will provide the Russians to build the branch. :)
The Book of Mormon can bless your life.
If you have not been baptized into the restored Church of Jesus Christ. Meet with the Missionaries. Pray to find out if the message is true. Then follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the restored priesthood of God.
Im getting refferals from around the mission. We have two families in the group. They dont know english cause they either just got here or havent bothered to learn it. the kids speak it though. I still remember how to teach a little in Russian. its coming back. And we dont have sicussion. We teach people not lessons. tell Elder velazques Congrats. Thank you for the Birthday Wishes.
love your son,
Elder Curran

Monday, August 8, 2011

Companions went home/Teaching in Russian

What the Heck is going on?
Half my companions went home today.
PRAY FOR ME ! Alma 6:6 - The Book of Mormon
I think Ive completely lost my mind
I may or may not be training a new missionary. Ill let you know next week.
I actually taught 2 new Russians this week, and receieved 2 other seemling prepared Refferals. That was crazy.
I think God is trying to teach me 400 things at once.
There's way too many attractive girls in Kirkland, WA.
Regardless our eyes are single to the Glory of God and we go forward with Faith that the Lord has prepared people for us to FInd, Teach, and Baptize!
I bore my testimony in church in Russian to the two russian families who dont speak English.
The Restored Gospel has changed my life.

The tend skin did arrive. I was suprised at how heavy it was because i only needed 1 bottle of tend skin after shave. I realized after I opened it that I should have been more specific because cause it was 6 giant bottles of tendskin shaving cream. I apologize, I assumed that tendskin only made that one product. And now I feel stupid. So . . . how do a send them back so that you can have your money back? And if possible I really need the after shave that takes care of ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

Thats intresting about the cadillac.

Dont worry about the short sleeve shirts. One of my old companions who went home today is leaving some for me.

not all short sleeve shirts I like. Some I really dislike because of the collar. I do like however staffords and since I dont have the option to get online and look i knew we couldnt go wrong with that. Its all good.

I just got a tranfer call and looks like my companion is leaving. I wonder how many Ill have before I go home. only 18 more weeks left to be a full-time missionary.

Are you praying sincerely every prayer that prepared people are put in my path?

love your son
Elder Curran

Friday, August 5, 2011

Faith is Growing

It's August. Wow. Is this real life? Omni 1:26 -- The Book of Mormon. Had the awesome opportunity to teach a ma from India named Jazz, who grew up a Sikh, but has since drifted away. One day, we were talking aout his views and the Book of Mormon by his silver Honda. Two days later, he said a prayer to his Heavenly Father in the name of Jeus Christ. Taught a new investigator named Lisa, who is a Born Again Christian. (Super Anti) She asked me if we are Christians then why do we preach to Lutherans and Protestants and other Christians. My response was that we believe that Christ has more to offer, and we here to invite people to try and see if what we are offereing is really from Jesus Christ. She agreed to try and I was baffled. So I'm optimistic there. I know the Book of Mormon is true. It will bring the Spriit of God into your life. If.. you let it. Summer starts later here and will basically be aAugust and September. Hope all is well.
Your son,
Elder Curran