Monday, August 22, 2011

Crazy Investigator

Im 25.
25 is a very reflective age to turn.
This is my third birthday in a row as a full time missionary. Crazy.
Alora Campell was baptized on Sat!
Our investigator Jeff accepted a baptisimal date for September 3rd.
Were teaching an alcoholic woman named Lisa who has developed feelings for me. She writes me love letters everytime I see her. I would be concerned about it but shes 45 and is the woman in the attached picture. I asked her who Joseph Smith was and she told me "he was a prospector?"
I asked where the Book of Mormon came from and she said, " I dont think we'll ever know"
My response was to burry my face in my hands in frustration because 2 months of work has gone nowhere.
Were turning her over to the ward until she can get sober. Also, my new companion hates her.
After 2 months of pounding the pavement and knocking doors in the richest area in the mission we are turning our efforts towards the ward and doing all we can to pound out member refferals and are seeing success.
We had a Russian investigator come to church! And even though hes leaving to go to Cali on Fri for a year, I now have the faith that I can baptize Russians.
Joseph Smith was a prophet, not a "prospector" and Jesus Christ, though him, restored the fullness of the Gospel. And its delicious.
Try it.
Samoa sounds intresting.
i dont think I would really want to go there. ive had some bad experiances with polynesians.
Dicussions were a terrible idea in my opinion. How can you teat a person to their needs when you have a rote presentation. Impossible to actually help the person from where they are at.
Kirkland is killing me trating so were going back to member work. I gave it 2 months and saw no fruit so were switching things up. Sorry about aunt Daisy. Although the truthfulness of the plan of salvation brings me peace and I understand the real plan. My mission is dwindling away. So sad.
love your son Elder curran
PS Sister Dryayba is the one who's sister is overseas.

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