Friday, September 2, 2011


On Saturday, we did some service for a Ukrainian investigator, who coordinates donations/refugee efforts back in Ukraine. (Editorial comment: Refugee efforts in Ukraine? Unlikely. End comment.) It was the hardest form of service that I've done on my mission. Imagine loading 1000 plus 50 pound boxes into a shipping container. Plus there couldn't be any space between boxes, so we had to stack them in every whicch way, 3D tetris-style. It was crazy to say the least. But afterward, the whole group was incredibly appreciative and dumbfounded of why we would come help for no reason. During lunch, we taught 10 new Ukrainians about the restoration of the gospel and the purpose of the Book of Mormon. One was extremely interested! And wanted me to come teach his family in two weeks!

I have beenintrigued lately about the effects of service on someone's heart and how it can truly prepare them to receive the gospel. Mosieah 2:17-18 - The Book of Mormon. This week for about 1 minute, I remembered my life before my mission and how empty it felt. I broke down into tears. I don't want to go home.

A Samoan who was a less active returned missionary stole $4000 from me. I learned my lesson. I actually have a best freind who is Samoan, but he's not the most trustworthy.

As for after my mission, I actually have a proposal for you, I'll actually be e-mailing you that in three weeks for you to give me advice, as my patriarchal blessing states to consult with my parents. It definately involves finding a wife.

Didn't get a birthday card, but thanks for sending one.


your son,

Elder Curran

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