Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another Exciting Week

Ive had so many miracles last week is just one big Blur.
Jeff L was baptized. He asked me to baptize him.
I love to worthily use my priesthood.
The Mormon.org campaign is coming to Seattle. All overthe Internet TV Busses and billboards So pretty much you wont be able to go a day in Seattle or surrounding areas without seeing Mormon.org comercial or advertizement.
Things are about to explode.
We found 8 new investigators.
A Jewish man tried to argue with me that Jesus Christ wasnt our Savior. A muslim yelled at us for like 10 minutes about how corrupt Christians are. Each day "Christians" tell us we dont belive in Jesus Christ. And then last week a woman told me that becuase there is no Santa Clause there couldn't be a God.
I know that there is a God.
He loves me.
So he gives us prophets.
Thomas S. Monson IS his living mouthpeice.

I see and agree about the discussions.

no to the card.

Working hard.

Love your son, Elder Curran

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