Monday, September 12, 2011

The Importance of Goals

I made a Profile.
You should too. Will you?
Ill send the link to my profile next week.
I found out yesterday that Im getting a new companion in a week.
Elder Sellers is sick of driving around our mission teaching people he can't talk to.
I understand.
The best part of the gospel is the fruits of diligent repentance. 2nd Nephi 31:20 - The Book of Mormon
Would there be a point to playing Soccer if there weren't goals? What about basketball without baskets?
Without a pupose we lose excitement and true motivation.
There is a pupose to us being on earth. Its to return to live with God. The goal is never ending perfect happiness.
God loves all his children so he provided a plan, guidlines, tools, and coaches to help us reach that goal.
What happens to soccer players who dont come to practice, listen to their coach, or understand the rules of the game?
They usually don't reach their fullest potential as soccer players and foul out because they are not playing by the rules.
As a result their experiance playing the "game" isn't fun and full of hardship.
I invite you to listen to Thomas S. Monson, the prophet of god, and our coach for life.
I invite you to read the Book of Mormon and ask god if it is true. If you ask with a sincere heart and real intent having faith in Christ you can come to know by the power of the Holy Ghost that this book along with the Bible contains our rules for life.
I know these things are true. And you can too.
You just have to try.I say the same thing every time someone asks me where Im from. I grew up all over the world. Then the following conversation ALWAYS follows:

Q: Oh where overseas?
A: Russia, China, Taiwan, Uzbekistan, Canada, Mexico, and when I wasnt there I was in either Maryland or Virginia
Q: Is your father in the military?
A: My mother is a diplomat for the United States

then either :

" oh wow"
Q: what is a diplomat?

99% of the time the above conversation happens. I've litterally said it probably 10,000 times. My companions can answer the question for me.

love your son,
Elder Curran

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