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I never have said this but I truly thank you for joining the church. I dont think I could have done it on my own. Although my reasons for coming out werent probably the best. I definately stayed for the right ones. My mission has changed me and brought me a knowledge of true happiness. Im now deticated to returning with honor to our Heavenly Father and with an eternal companion. thank you for being a influential part of getting me out here.

This Mission has changed my life.
Thank you to all who even had the smallest influence in getting me out here.
You each have had a priceless effect on my life.

I litterally have never worked so hard at something, ever.

I think I now understand why Elder Holland was so passionate about the "Miracle of a Mission"

Because I pushed through insane trials I saw undescribable miracles. Even when I thought there was no possible way.

We have about 25 plus investigators that we are currently teaching, and all I wanted to do was to see one of them experiance the blessing of being baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ before I left.

Elder Smith and I did ALL we could with every single one of them. Noone was willing to be baptized despite the fact that some ACTUALLY know the church is true.
On wednesday the phone at the church rang while I was teaching district meeting. I jokingly said "Is anyone gonna get that?"
Bless Elder Passey's heart, he jumped up and answered it. I again jokingly said "well maybe it will be a referal for one of you."
Elder Passey came back and said it was a referal for US! It turned out that it was a Less Active woman who wanted to come back to church and her un-baptized son ;who had been to church many times. We set up a lesson at the church this past Saturday and he agreed to be baptized my last full day on the mission! The lord knew how much I wanted to see one of His children be baptized. And he provided. AFTER a crazy trial of my faith.


If you are at all curious about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and its truthfulness. I strongly encourage you to read from the Book of Mormon. After you have read from it, pray to God and ask Him if it is from Him. On behalf of Jesus Christ I promise that if you have a sincere heart and the intent to follow any answer; you will recieve a beautiful assurance from your Father in Heaven through the Holy Ghost that it is indeed. And that answer will change your life.

Im sorry about X. I HATE lazy missionaries. They got a golden refferal! what the Heck. Will you follow up with the Mission? Tell them to have the Zone leaders go teach her. Ill continue to workl on that after I get home.

When I get to Utah dec 31st, I will immediately be in search of employment. My goal by Summer is to have completed all requirements to enter into a MBA program. After I graduate Ill hopefully be able to be completely independent and able to take care of my family.

thank you for your kind words

your almost Return Missionary son,
Elder Curran