Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Saturday was one of the coolest experiences of my life.
I went back to Marysville to see Devon Caswell, who's family I taught and was baptized, be baptized and join his family in membership in the church,
then I went to Everett for a Baptism of a girl that I taught and like all the people I taught while I was in Lynwood came to the baptism to come see me. It was amazing. Then I invited Krystal, someone I was teaching who is working to get baptized to be baptized on the 6th so I could come back and see it and she said she would!
The Book of Mormon is awesome. If you haven't read it, read it! Ask god if what is in there is true.
Ive been reading Jacob 5 over and over. It shows me how hard the Lord truly is working to help all his children to Return to live with him. I'm really trying to bring forth good fruit!
Last week was a hard one. We didn't find many people :( I think the prayers are slowing down. Please don't stop. Pray for prepared people to be sent to me.
I try to think of life before my mission, and I laugh because it doesn't seem real. I actually have gotten much busier on Pdays some how. My companion is now Elder A from . . . . UTAH! My last companion got sent to his area to be a senior companion and he came to me to be a jr. companion. Apprently he wasnt ready to be senior companion and wasnt getting along with his companion. He's from Alpine, Utah. So the family in Kryjistan do you think youll be able to help them come to the states and be baptized? thank you for buying the tend skin. Were you able to get some short sleeve shirts? If not or if you arent planning on getting them please let me know so I can figure out another way to get them. There is a specific kind im looking for. Stafford fitted size 17 the (non button wide collar). Any way were working hard out in Kirkland. Things are either harder out here than lynwood or people have stopped praying for me. hope all is well.

love your son
Elder Curran

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rose Hill Ward

Im in Kirkland - Richest Stake in the Mission Everyone has either a Mercedes or a Beamer
Not to worry the Spirit has guided us to people who are ready for the gospel. We found Lisa street contacting people. Her husbnad is a believing Less Active Member. She is a catholic. But doesn't know what she belives. Very willing to ask God if the book of Mormon is true and if God answers her prayers she will be baptized.
Jill, a Media Referral, came my second day here and she is fed up with Christians who dont act Christian. She wants to know if the Book of Mormon is from God.
We are working hard. The Russian Branch boundries are being assembled. 23 more weeks. 16 more baptisms. Lydia was baptized on Sat. Kathrine and Damian will be baptized on Saturday.
Showed up with a member to pick a woman up for a church tour and she was drunk. So much crazyness. So many miracles. Too much to do not enough time. Pray for me.

I think the branch is going to cover part of this mission and part of the Seattle Mission. I have the Russian dictionary. Im still an english Missionary. Working in the rose hill ward. Finding people here. But we will be able to teach any Russians that others find that are intrested in investigating. We just talk to tons of people everyday and invite them to read the book of mormon or relate the book of mormon to them. Time is ticking away. I have 23 more week and 16 more people to baptize. and then 960 after that. Ive already made a goal to deticate an hour of each week for the rest of my life to finding people w/ or w/o the missionaries. and an hour to be available to help teach someone. Hope all is well.
love your son,
Elder Curran

Brandt and Companion