Friday, August 5, 2011

Faith is Growing

It's August. Wow. Is this real life? Omni 1:26 -- The Book of Mormon. Had the awesome opportunity to teach a ma from India named Jazz, who grew up a Sikh, but has since drifted away. One day, we were talking aout his views and the Book of Mormon by his silver Honda. Two days later, he said a prayer to his Heavenly Father in the name of Jeus Christ. Taught a new investigator named Lisa, who is a Born Again Christian. (Super Anti) She asked me if we are Christians then why do we preach to Lutherans and Protestants and other Christians. My response was that we believe that Christ has more to offer, and we here to invite people to try and see if what we are offereing is really from Jesus Christ. She agreed to try and I was baffled. So I'm optimistic there. I know the Book of Mormon is true. It will bring the Spriit of God into your life. If.. you let it. Summer starts later here and will basically be aAugust and September. Hope all is well.
Your son,
Elder Curran

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