Monday, March 7, 2011

Answers to More Questions

#1what is the coolest thing you experienced/saw this week?
#2 what is your favorite thing about your companion?
#3 what do you most enjoy about your missionary work?
#4 how do the non-members in the area view Mormons? are they well received?
#5 can you send me some photos of you, your companions, the people you've taught?

1. This week we found 5 new investigators.
2. My favorite thing about my companion is that he works hard and likes basketball
3. I enjoy being led by the spirit to those Heavenly Father wants me to find that have been prepared to recive the message of the Restoration.
4. Most people see mormons as non christians. But It doesnt matter were not out here to convice people that the church is true. Were simply looking for those who are searching for the gospel.
5. next week if I remember.

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