Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Right now we are working hard to help out the zone to find people everyday. On Sat We went on an exchange with one of the district leaders in the north Seattle Zone we found a woman named Megan who agreed to read the Book of Mormon and pray and ask if it was true. She said if she recieved an answer b4 the middle of next month she would be baptized May 14th. we talked to and invited ever single person we could to read the Book of Mormon and asked them for a referral. Then someone gave us a referral for Megan. I was reading in Ether today about the Brother of Jared and how he figured out how to get light in the ship. The Brother of Jared needed light. And was like. Lord how are we gonna get light into this boat. The Lord turned it back on him and was like thats a good question. How are we gonna get light into this boat? So he goes to work and gets the rocks and presents the Lord with them and says I did all I could and retrieved these rocks. Will you light them up? The Lord expects us to do all we can and present him with solutions to our own problems. And then after we have done all we can we have developed enough faith to recive a miracle. When missionaries are upset they aren't baptizing, I just ask them, are you doing all you can? Same with the desires of life. Are we doing all we can first?

Food for thought.

More diversity means that there are more than just white people and every kind of race is out and about. There are about 33 missionaries in the zone. We have a 3 pack of sisters. The singles ward has the most opportunity for teaching but the singles aren't very missionary minded. The singles ward boundaries are the zone's boundries. We go to the singles ward for the first 2hrs and the family ward for the last two. It has to be organized but it works out. We spend a lot of Sunday in meetings.

Elder Curran

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