Friday, April 29, 2011

Food for Thought

This week was nuts.

I lost my mind a little more i think. About 3 weeks ago I randomly found myself washing dishes in the bathroom sink. the other day I spent a good 3 min trying to open a door, and the realized the keey needs to turn before you unlock it. I have a hard time talking to people when it doesnt revolve around the gospel. I pretty much know how to do 3 things. Find. Teach. and Baptize.

Couple miracles. President has been talking about how to excersise faith. it is when you go outside of what we know and are comfortable with. Faith brings miracles.So Ive been trying to go eveen more outside my comfort zone and go above and beyond and show the Lord just how bad I want to baptize people. Lots and Lots of people! elder Tippets and i were outside at 9:15 pm waiting for a districtleader to come home and give him some paper work. As we were waiting outside there were 3 individuals laughing and smoking outside around the corner. First glance we were like. They are definately not intrested, plus its past 9. But we realized that we need to "talk to everyone" and went and invited them to read from the book of mormon and find out if its true. yeah they accepted. jack and maggie were super prepared by the Lord to recieve the message of the Restoration. Also we really wanted to have an investigator with a baptisimal date this week and looking at who we were teaching it was looking like noone was at that point to accept a date. As we litterally did all we could the Lord led us to a 11 yr old unbaptized child whos mom wants him to be baptized and she wants to come back to church with her family. she just didnt know where the church was. as you do all you can and excersise faith the Lord will ALWAYS bless you with righteous desires. After a trial of your faith.

The church is true and if you dont belive me ask God.
Sister Everett is in our zone. Were taking them to Edmonds community college with us on wed to help them learn how to street contact people more effectively.

Sunday is a day filled with meetings and stress about getting investigators to church. Im pretty sure i remember meeting Sister Wilcox she was nice.
love Elder Curran

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