Friday, August 28, 2009

Last letter from the MTC (August 11, 2009)

Dear Mom,

How is it going? If you are reading this, I'm guessing I'm in Russia. Wow. That's crazy.

Also, thank you for the calling card info. I've written it down, and I'll be calling you on the 18th.

I'm glad that you were able to get "Week 9 in the MTC." I was surprised that you didn't receive it because I know I sent it to you.

I'm glad you were able to talk to Jerome. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten received any letters from him or Happi. :( Please tell them I said hello.

I'm not really looking forward to Russian food, although I hope I canfind an Uzbek restuarant and eat plov again. I have beendreaming of eating it for so long.

That's funny that you mentioned the sisters' zones of the Temple Square Mission. There is a Sister Cummins in here who is going there that I was good friends with at BYUI.

Your story about Auntie Pat and you when you came home from your mission was funny. I wonder if I will be uncomfortable saying prayers in English. Perhaps?

Which mothers have you met on I know elder Olson's and apsley's mothers are on there. That's crazy you have seen me on other people's blogs!

No, I will not keep my hair as long as you saw. Right now I have it pretty short. I get my hair cut at least at least two times a month.

We have many missionaries going together, but 10 of us are going to Rostov -- 7 in my district and 3 native speakers. I know all of us.

As for service, I clearn building 13 every Thursday morning, and I have cleaned every part of that building. I've cleaned toilets, showers, floors, trash - literally everything.

Well I hope all is well. I think I will just be emailing from now on!


your son,

Elder Curran

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