Saturday, August 8, 2009

Week 9 in the MTC

Hmmmm Honestly I don't even know what week it is. Have I been here 9 weeks or 14 years? Does anyone remember where I was born? Because I feel like I was made from a testbube and some kind of incubator and have been a missionary all my life. I'm just playing.

Its week 9 in the MTC and tommorrow I get my flight plans. This is a very significant day because I remember when the older Elders who were going Russian speaking recieved theirs, and I also remember crying for an extended period of time knowing that it would be quite some time until I would ever recieve mine, or ever begin to think about leaving the MTC. But I can safely say that I can see the light. And yes that light is bright. To quote the late Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin "Sunday will come" and if anyone is feeling down or feels like they are trapped in an unhappy place I encourage you to listen to that talk! AMAZING.

So What happened this week? I dont even know? Seriously.

Ok ,well I guess I will talk about Sunday's fireside. It was given by Brother and Sister Mills who served as Mission Presidents in Japan at the age of 36. It wasn't your typical Fireside which isn't a bad thing, but I did feel like I had paid for tickets to a stand up comedy routine. It was Hilarious. Sister Mills pretty much made fun of herself for 30 minutes and then gave a quick yet powerful testimonial about the power of missionary work. Brother Mills, although equally as funny, gave a more spiritual message about how a Mission can change you. He showed multiple slides of Before and After pictures of many Elders and Sisters who literally morphed during two years of their mission. Not all were as dramatic but each picture showed a happier individual. I hope that the work can change me equally, so that the happiness of my countance is noticable.
Yesterday We started the SYL portion of the MTC stay where we can only speak in Russian from here on out. Our district has done similar mock trial of this program for 2 or 3 days but this is the BIG one and we are doing this until we leave. And now that I think about it until we return from Russia. (Two small tears gently just rolled from my cheek)

Today as I was listening to the song "I need thee every hour", while doing my laundry, I actually translate the song unconsciously and began singing it in Russian. So I guess the Russian is coming along well. We taught the Russian native Missionaries the 3rd lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ this week, and it went over quite well.

As I wake tomorrow there will be no Missionary in the MTC, who has been here longer than me. That is also crazy to think about.

Well not too much has happened, but as with every week my testimony has been strengthened, and I am more sure than ever that the true Church of Jesus Christ has been restored to the Earth. I know that a perfect plan has been created so that we may obtain eternal happiness. I know that life on this earth is not the end and that we can choose to have so much more. I know that everyone has hardships, but through those hardships we can grow and learn to appreciate every blessing that we have. I know that as we live righteously and always try to walk the path of Christ, we will receive more blessings from God than we can handle. I also know that only through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, can all men be saved.

Please pray tonight to your loving Heavenly Father and sincerely ask him 2 things. 1) Do you love me? and 2) Will my life improve with a firmer faith in Christ. I know that if you do these these, you will feel closer to your Heavenly Father and have a stronger love for your Savior Jesus Christ.

I love you all.

Your favorite Missionary ;),

Elder Curran

P.S. If there is anyone that you think would love to read this message please forward it on :)

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