Friday, August 14, 2009

Getting Ready to Go (July 28 letter)


I'm doing good. Yeah, I'm really, really excited to get out. They have not given me my flight itinerary yet. They give that to you a week and a half before you go. So, a week from tomorrow.

Also, tomorrow I get to host, which means I'll do what that guy did for me when you dropped me off. Just take me to my room and give me a few words of encouragement.

I will call you from the SLC airport, if I know how. So, you may have to explain that to me via Dear Elder or something.

Yes, I knew the Other Side of Heaven was John Groberg. I had seen the movie before, and he played a part of the movie during his talk. I found out he is from Idaho Falls and is the temple president there.

I think FLEX (Future Leaders Exchange - an exchange program for high school age youth from the former Soviet Union) sounds like a great program. Who determines who goes to the United States and what are the prerequisites? Also, do the kids get to go to American schools for college?

I'll take a picture in the shirt, and I'll also be sending a picture of me and Sister Curran who is here. We say hi to each other every time we see each other. Hey Sister Curran! Hey Elder Curran!

That's too bad I wasn't able to see the video. We can't get online. Google Translate sounds amazing. I wonder what else they will come up with before I return!

Have fun in church.


Your son

Elder Curran

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