Wednesday, August 19, 2009

By The Time You Read This Letter ...... (August 4 letter)


I'm pretty sure when you read this I will be in Russia. (It's true!)

Ok, now to your letters. Someone follows my blog? Try to find out who it is. Maybe I know this person. Also, how many comments have been left?

Elder Apsley was correct. We taught native speakers last week and this week also. It wasn't too bad. I'm more worried about native speakers, who are not members already or missionaries.

It has sunk in that I'm leaving, and I get my flight plans tomorrow. Thank you for the "cage" story. I haven't seen much of all that, but I can definately see that happening.

Next letter, I'll send the photos you asked for. I needed to cut my hair, but I took more pictures.


your son,

Elder Curran

P.S. Thanks for all the gum! LOL And my dress shoes are fitting great.

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