Monday, August 10, 2009

Readership, Corn on the Cob, Ties, and Knockout (July 21 Letter)


So, yesterday an elder came up to me. I forgot his last name, but he is going Russian-speaking, and he told me his mom reads the blog you're making. So, that was pretty cool.

The other two elders in the picture I sent were Elder Apsley (reading Ensign) and Elder Probst. They are my roommates, 4 in total. And that was their desk. [the messy one in the photo]

So, the corn was good. I'm glad. They haven't had corn on the cob available in the MTC, so it's going to be a while until I have American corn on the cob. I wonder why American corn is sweeter than Turkmen corn? [American sweet corn has been bred to meet the "sweet tooth" tastes of Americans. Turkmen corn, like most corn in other parts of the world, is used also to feed animals. It's not as sweet or soft. Interestingly, the Turkmen boil corn silk to make a tea.]

Your district leader story was nice. and the part about Ms. Piggy was funny. I don't think they do all girl districts any more, because all of the districts are intermingled here.

The language is coming along fine. I teach every Wednesday a lesson in Russian and a few times throughout the week.

Once you get the Hepworth's e-mail, will you e-mail it to Olivia, please - to add to the chain?

The four people on the volleyball team are Elder Kempton, Elder Olson, Elder Valazquez, and me. We do have sisters in our gym, but I try to avoid playing sports with them, because they are not athletic and slow down the game. [Mom editorial comment: Huh?!]

As for the ties, I really liked one, and the other one was nice. It was nice to have something new. the one I really like is light blue and white with some purple, and the other one is dark green.

An elder from Belarus may have come in today, but I have not met him.

Lightning or Knockout is a game with two basketballs. Everyone lines up and shoots from the three-point line. After the first person shoots, the next person has an opportunity to shoot and score to make the basket before the first does a lay up. If he makes it before the person in front of him, the person in front is out. The last man standing is the winner!

Well Mom, thanks again for the ties,


Your son,

Elder Curran

P.S. You might want to check out A few of the other elders in my district mothers are on there. I think you would like it.

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