Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Week 3 in Tuapse - English Club Starts

Its week 3 in TUAPSE !!!!!!

The good news is the church is still true. The bad news is that everyone still hates us. :(

Some sweet things that happened this week is that English club started. About 10 people came and I had 3 in my "Conversational Group" which consisted of a girl that spoke really well, a guy that spoke English but uses ginormous words improperly and a drunk guy that knew 10 phrases who sang for me in Slavic . . . every 15 min. The purpose of English Club is a finding tool, so I think I'll invite the drunk guy to listen to the lessons if he is sober next time . . . or at least not as drunk. I would ask the other guy, but I think he secretly hates me.

Something that is crazy is all the girls wear Hammer pants. I know you think Im joking but I'm serious. Hammer pants. Like the pants that MC hammer wore are trendy. Hammer Jeans, Hammer Sweats, . . even Hammer shorts . . Its crazy. Ill try and get a picture.

One cool thing is that we were walking down the street and we saw some Armenians doing some work on their house, and we stopped and asked if we could help them for free. They told us to come the next day, and we were able to teach them the first lesson. It was way cool, because I felt like Ammon. I don't think they would have talked to us unless we asked to serve them first. We'll see what happens. A member of their family is getting married soon, so we are gonna try and watch Together Forever with them and talk about our Heavenly Father's Plan of Happiness.

Other than that, the craziest thing we did was film a short documentary about this crazy guy who was walking around Tuapse with a GIANT, Im gonna say 17 ft, styrofoam plane replica. It was amazingly hilarious.

Also, one day we were walking in the park, and there was this group of old Russians playing jazz. During their break, as we passed by them, one of the played the American National Anthem.

Well the church is still true. ;) Tuapse is still hot, and I have now lost 17 pounds since coming to Russia. Not even kidding.

Elder Curran

P.S. fwd this bad boy on to anyone who wants to hear the weekly rants of Elder Curran. And don't be shy send me and email ;)

MOM: We kind of stopped telling people I was Obama's nephew, but it was funny for a little bit. I went on splits with Elder Hanks. We contacted in the morning and knocked at night, which was the worst thing . . . ever. We decided to "go somewhere no one has ever knocked," which is prob what every missionary thinks, and I think we went somewhere every missionary has knocked and People were literally SCREAMING at the top of their lungs at us. Well, at least earlier I got to eat Uzbek plov and somsa! It was way tasty and brought back tons of memories. As for the mosquitoes, I did use OFF. It didn't work. But they stopped biting me now. Thank goodness.

Elder Curran

PS thats HILARIOUS about Chavez!!!!

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