Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Week 5 in Tuapse

Switching Jackets

Elder Porter in a car

Tough Guys

Well, it's been a couple of weeks since I have written, so I will try to sum up the events that have taken place.

--Zone Conference Trip from Heck

Drunk ladies on the train, we left our house key in a city four hours away, we were homeless for a night, a guy pulled a gun on us had to run away, Tuapse flooded the next day and we were still homeless.

- We then helped a drug store unflood themselves for about four hours with five normal sized buckets, and it was about a foot and a half deep. That was crazy.

- We then got our key back and all was well.

As far as missionary work, we aren't having crazy success, but we are trying.

We have in my opinion five investigators, but only one is progressing. Lera is an18 year old English student and right now she is reading the Book of Mormon and trying to get a testimony of it. She is keeping her commitments, and as soon as she receives a testimony, we will commit her to baptism.

We have a woman named Sveta, who is very eccentric and loves to talk to us. she keeps promising toread the Book of Mormon and doesn't. But I think she's going to make us lunch on Friday, and I'm down with that!

Also, we have this guy named Zhenya, who always feeds us gross stuff like rotten fruit and warm tomato juice. They listen to us, but are not progressing.

And we have a really old woman that meets with us and I think she would progress, but every time after we leave her with a commitment to read the Book of Mormon, she forgets where she put her book. She is really old.

It's getting cooler here, so we have started wearing suits,which is pretty cool. I had a theory that more people would talk to us, if we wore suits, but that is definately not the case. The sme amount of people continue to yell, curse, and be rude. Speakin gof that, I almost had to "throw down" (hit someone) this week when this guy kicked us out of his mother's house after she had let us in. And then when his mother reopened the door to let us back in, he got in my face so close as he spoke he was spitting in my eyes. But I remembered what I was there for and who I was representing and walked it off.

Anyway, I have to go, but that was week 4 and 5 in Tuapse. On Saturday, I will find out if I am getting a new companion or getting transferred.

MUCH LOVE.. They church is true.


Elder Curran

P.S. The package did have peanut butter. And I'm glad the peanut is coming. Right now, I use the other thing you got me, but the peanut is way better. As far as missionary work, it's mostly just endless knocking and contacting. No one is very receptive. But for those that are, I will mention them in weekly group e-mail. I'll be trying to send pictures too. Thanks for everything and the package, too.

Love your son,

Elder Curran

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