Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Transfer on the Horizon

Elders Curran and Porter after English Club
After English Club

Flooding in Tuapse

Train Ride to Tuapse with our drunk friends (and train conductor)

Elder Curran in Joobga


Number 1 -Thank you for the package. I got it at zone conference last week. Number 2 -- Thank you for the dictionary. Number 3 -- Still no peanut. Number 4 My peanut broke at zone conference, and I was like well, at least I'm getting the peanut after zone conference. No peanut. Please send the peanut asap so I can have it by next zone conference ... please.

I don't really need any American food. As far as food, we cook a lot of pelmeni and like this frozen plov stuff. We actually make all kinds of stuff, but its mostly pelmeni and Korean ramen. Oh yeah, I would like some peanut butter, too.

The girl who speaks English really well is taking the lessons, and last time she said she wants to get baptized. So.. we will, but we are getting transferred soon, so I don't know if we will be the ones to do it.

Well, hope all is well. Til next week.

Your son,

Elder Curran

P. S. How long did it take you to speak Russian fluently? Any advice, because it is not coming as fast as I would like.

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