Monday, September 7, 2009

Last Photos from the MTC

District pointing at the Map
(Elders Spjut, Williams, Velazquez, Curran, Kempton, Benson, Olson, Wesemann, Apsley, Probst)
Rostov Vs. Vlad Rivalry

Rostov is Number 1!

Vladivostok is Number 1!

Friend from BYUI (of course, Elder Curran does not share friend's name nor where he is going)

Look at our T-Shirts
Doing Laundry
Before Devotional

Elders Curran and Olson

Sister Curran and Elder Curran (They met at the MTC and saw each other every day. "Hey Sister Curran" "Hey Elder Curran")

If the Beatles had been missionaries

Brandt's district with the district of native Russian speakers

District at the Temple

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