Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Week 4 in the MTC - No GA Sightings, but an Investigator in the Referral Center

Its week 4 folks. Wow. Although it has been quite some time. It feels like i just got here.

The MTC is like a spiritual time warp that one can not explain. The days are like weeks while the weeks are like days. Quite the conundrum.

So I think we'll start this one off with a joke. Emphasis on the word joke.
Q- What is the difference between the MTC and Prison? A- In prison you're allowed phone calls and visitors. I'm just joking, although on the rare occasion that I walk to the temple or go to the field for gym I find myself in a sense of amazement looking at civilization and cars and the few people walking by who aren't missionaries. But regardless, the MTC has been an awesome experience and I have learned so much.

Last week, everyone of the 12 apostles and the whole first presidentcy were present for the Mission President seminar. Although I had high hopes, I was not actually able to see an apostle or prophet of god in person. Due to the crazy flu scare going on, they were kept separated from us the whole time, as opposed to the typical procedure of them actually mingling with us and coming into different classrooms to teach.Because we were seperated from the apostles and prophet the cafeteria was cut in half. Now, originally the cafeteria was crowded, but after they cut it in half, the line to get in was days long. I felt like I was in line for one of my events. (He worked as an events promoter, before entering the MTC.) People were trying to sneak in, it was crazy.

I did, however, watch a devotional given by Elder Holland given at the MTC via Broadcast in the Cafeteria because the gym was too packed. He spoke on the necessity of teaching with the Spirit.

Some great things that I took away from that talk were the following. 1) The Spirit literally connects us with the God Head. When we sincerly feel the Spirit, the veil between Earth and Heaven is thinned and we are almost in the presence of GOD. 2) The Spirit converts people because when the Spirit tesitfies of Truth. It's just as if Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father were there with you testifying.

This week we focused on teaching the 2nd lesson in English because next week our weekly task is to teach it in Russian.

Ohhhh I cant belive that I almost forgot this. Guess what . . . Alright Ill tell you. Im teaching an investigator. Now, I know your probably like what the heck? No he doesn't. I'm not lieing. His name is Randell. He lives in Lauderdale, Florida. I've taught him about the restoration and commited him to read the Book of Mormon and to attend church. In the MTC, you spend an hour a week in the Referral Center, either calling people to follow up on the literature they requested from the Church or answering inbound calls of people asking for literature. Randell called in and asked for the Bible. I asked him if he would like to have it hand delivered by two of our representatives, so they could share a message of happiness, but he said he would rather just go to church and check it out for himself.

As a smile came over my face, I began to share my testimoy of the Restoration and the prophet Joseph Smith. And asked and commited him to read the Book of Mormon 3rd Nephi chapter 11. I expressed to him that although I had a testimony of the Book of Mormon, for him to find out for himself whether it was a true book of God he had to sincerely pray and ask for himself to know. Although I don't think he understood fully what I thought prayer to be, he did commit to read the Book and think about how he feels. I told him I would call him back the following Monday and see how it went. On Monday, I think I will share with him my testimony of prayer.

As for the physical part of the MTC. We are now doing over a hundred situps and pushups a day. And I typically play soccer outside at the field. Surprisingly, I scored 2 goals.

I really want to thank the people who have been writing me. I love recieving mail. Your positive thoughts and warmness are felt through each envelope I open and definately help me keep a positive attitude.

I want you all to know that God is our loving Heavenly Father, who loves you and is always willing to listen to you no matter what is going on in your life.

I also know that if you have any question about life or anything God will answer your prayers as long as you have the faith that he will answer them.

I love you all !

your Missionary,

Elder Curran

I cant send pictures via email until I get to Russia, but I sent some physical ones you should be getting soon.

If there is anyone who you think would like to read this please fwd it to them

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