Monday, July 6, 2009

Handwritten letter mailed June 23

Dear Mom,

It's crazy to think that you were dancing, but I guess if it's for your country, you have to do what you gotta do.

So, how does the Turkmen Government plan to advertise their vacation spot and to whom will they advertise? Other Central Asian countries? Europe? Maybe, America?

This letter will contain the billing information for the shots. Will you please do me a favor? Please Google the number for T-mobile and make sure my last bill was paid.

I haven't ordered a mission shirt yet, but I am planning on doing so before next p-day. It is the Russian flag with the word "khorosho!" (good!) underneath.

I'll be e-mailing some pictures today for you to have for the blog. I wish I could see what it looks like.

Philip Kirkirov. What kind of artist is he? {I saw Philip Kirkirov, a famous Russian pop singer, perform at an event sponsored by the Turkmenistan Government.}

Here at the MTC it has been mostly rainy, but it's starting to clear up and be sunny. This week at the MTC, all the apostles should be here for the training seminar for mission presidents. I think mine is here, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to see him.

Mom, as you previously saw in my last letter, I included the names of all the elders (in my district) and where they are from. If you ask me questions, I answer them in the next chance. I have to write. You don't have to keep asking.

Thank you for the packages. I did get them, and they were VKUSNO! (tasty) SPASIBO (thanks).

I'll also be sending you actual photographs as well. I'm sure you'll enjoy them.

I'm glad the kittens are keeping you company. Is the mother still there?

Well, thank you for everything. I'll continue to write.

Have a great day.

Na zaftra Ya budu uchit pervyy urok po-Russky! Zdes u nac yest dve russckiye. Odin ruskiy, odin ukrainskiy. Inogda mi govorim po russkiy. (Tomorrow, I will study the first lesson in Russian. We have two Russians (speakers) here. One is Russian and one is Ukrainian. Sometimes, we speak in Russian. )

Schastlive (good luck)

Stareyshina Curran

P.S. Thank you for the food, but I get tons already. If you feel like sending something, maybe a nice tie or two. I'm bored with the ones I have.

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