Thursday, July 16, 2009

June 30 Letter and pictures

Men of God

Searching for those seeking the truth

Of course, we study all the time.


Utah is a desert, but for the first three weeks, it (the weather) was just random. I don't know why. snow, rain, hail, overcast. It seems to have cleared up now and is much warmer, more consistent.

The other teacher is Brat Smit. He served in Vladivostok. He is a Political Science major, who is specializing in Central Asia.

As far as SYL, it was just for a one-day commitment. However, the last two weeks I'm here, I believe it is permanent SYL.

The older districts, the districts that have been here six weeks before us are leaving in a week, and by the time you get this, we will be the oldest district and most likely will have new Russian elders come in already.

I like your story, but it made me jealous, because I feel trapped in here and not able to leave. But it's ok.

The members in my workout group are all in my branch. I'm not sure if they are in my zone.

The General Authorities came, but I didn't see any other than on a screen from the overflow in the cafeteria for devotional.

Your event (the Embassy's 4th of July reception) sounds nice. Are there positions in embassies for people who just put on all the events? {Yes, they are called Public Diplomacy officers.} How much does that pay and how does one become that?

I did hear that Michael Jackson died. That's crazy. Did Google/other Internet servers relly crash? That's nuts.

There is much less swine flu, and I think the amount of people in quarantine is getting slimmer. I'm hearing less about it, and the people I knew who were sick are now better.

Not as many are writing me as I hoped. Even AJ hasn't written me. :( It will be nice to hear from Happy. I haven't heard from him in a while.

I was not kidding about the treasure maps. My friend found one and I have convinced my entire district to "leave behind their legacy" in the form of a treasure map. I think we're going to work on them our last week in here, which is in six weeks, I believe.

I have received the card. I'm trying to give you an option via e-mail, because I don't want to wait four weeks to be able to use the card. Hopefully, you will use that option.

Let me know how that event went. I don't know much about the business world, but 60% of my event attendees rarely rsvp'd. So, hopefully many people will show.

What is the website the blog is on? I'll send the address in my next weekly e-mail.

Well, I hope you and the kittens are doing well.

The e-mail doesn't let me send attachments, so I sent phtographs last and this week.

Also, in the letter withe the card, there was a card from Dustin saying thank you for visiting. Who is that? Let me know.


Your son,

Elder Curran

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