Thursday, June 4, 2009

Entering the MTC

On June 3, 2009, Elder Curran entered the MTC to begin his full-time mission. Unfortunately, due to a swine flu outbreak at the MTC, there were no traditional pin-on-the-nametag photos. As he grabbed his luggage and entered the building, he seemed really happy. We heard from other families that there were quite a few missionaries entering on their way to Russia, including those heading off to Rostov.
(Handwritten Letter, dated June 3 -- It takes two weeks for letters from the MTC to reach Turkmenistan.)
Dear Mom,
I am writing this letter the first night of the MTC, but I am sending it later, because I forgot the address. I'm going to write you an e-mail on P-day and then wait until the next P-day to receive it, unless you send it to me via mail and
Today, we did orientation and I got some shots we both overlooked. The fee is included in this letter. {It wasn't.} We met with our districts. I was assigned senior companion, but that means nothing, because after six weeks we switch and my companion becomes the senior companion.
The day was long, but everyone says that if you make it until Saturday, it goes downhill. Tomorrow, we start classes, and I guess Russian/religion training. I'm excited to figure out how to get around everywhere cause I have no idea where we are half the time.
My companion is Elder Olsen. He is from California. He is way cool. I saw the Rexburg elder in a zone meeting. He said he recognized me, but I've never seen him before.
Well, I hope all is well.
Elder Curran

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