Friday, June 26, 2009

Answers to Questions (handwritten letter dated June 16)

Dear Mom,

As you can tell, I have been emailing you and a bunch of other people once a week as an update to what has been going on. I literally only have 30 minutes to type and the computer shuts off. So, I only have time to email one email and type the addresses. As for personal letters, I have written you including this one and will continue to write you in response to your questions.

I don't know how long it (a letter) takes to get to Turkmenistan, but I hope not too long.

My companion's name is Elder Olson and that misionary whose mother you met is in a separate district.

Here are the names of the elders in my district:

Elder Probst - Utah - Rostov Mission
Elder Apsley - Utah - Rostov Mission
Elder Olson - California - Rostov Mission
Elder Spjyt - California - Vladivostok Mission
Elder Velazquez - California - Vladivostok Mission
Elder Williams - Utah - Vladivostok Mission
Elder Wiseman - Utah - Rostov Mission
Elder Benson - California - Rostov Mission
Elder Kempton (District Leader) - Arizona - Rostov Mission

I have gym every day, except for Sunday and P-day (on Tuesday).

We aren't learning too much about culture, but are focused more on prayer, testimony, contacting, and the first lesson. I'm eating a wide variety of food. It is different every day. Oh also we are learning grammar. They gave us a purple card that has all the rules for the six cases and it is very helpful.

I'm glad Nana was finally able to be buried.

If you talk to Happy again, will you please have him write me?

I'm glad you made it safely back to Turkmenistan., and I'm sorry about the garden (It fried in the Central Asian heat).

I don't have time to open e-mails. I only have 30 minutes. So, if you send pictures, just mail them to me.

The Church is true, and you were right that the Book of Mormon can bring immense happiness.


Your son,

Elder Curran

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