Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Companion

New companion - Elder Bolejack (Bow-a-jack)
His favorite pasttimes are:

1) Easting dandelions and other "pretty flowers" (dead serious)
2) Organizing things
3) Recounting memories
4) Asking me questions

He is diligently trying to learn Russian.

It's cute.

Families can be together forever.
Yesterday we felt inspired to go tracting and tracted into a couple recently moved here from India, who work at Microsoft. Testified to them that their family can be together not just in this life , but always. They were intrigued and let us in. We taught them the plan of salvation and asked them to read from the Book of Mormon and ask god if what we taught them is true. They said they would! Such an awesome experience.

Families can be togher forever. It's God's plan. through the restored priesthood of Jesus Christ it is possible. Read the Book of Mormon. It will bring you great joy.

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