Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Progress of Russian Branch

A Russian woman (Irina) came to church all the way from north seattle! - Happiest morning of my mission.
What a Pioneer.
The Russian Group is growing.
I had dream I came back in 30 years and it was an enitre Russian Ward.
Wow. :)
Ive redeticated myself to doing the "most amount of good" (Theme for the remainder of my mission). Regardless if it directly results in Baptism.
Im going to set goals to assist in reativation of Less Active members.
I also am setting up time to go to Russian-speaking Homes and teach them english for free.

We have alot of english Investigators with concerns.
Were trying to resolve those concerns by finding out that the Book of Mormon is true.
Many have taken the time to read and pray but a requirement and prerequisite to aquire divine knowlege is diligence and faith.
Alma 32: 38-43 -Book of Mormon
Ether 12:6 - Book of Mormon

" . . .ye recieve no witness until after a trial of your faith."

If you are praying to know if this is true and havent recieved your answer. Dont give up. Keep on nourishing this seed. I promise you will see that it is good.

love always,
Elder Curran

1. What game did they lose by 20 points? That wasnt clear.

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