Sunday, October 23, 2011

More Investigators at Church

On average we have 8 people at the Russian branch.

We have 2 investigators that come regularly. They should get baptized soon.

This week was Hard but awsome.
Soooo many miracles.
Why is the gospel so awsome?
Cause it's true.
Nella, another Russian investigator, came to church.
My companion is getting weirder and is now talking about how he thinks about eating me.
"You would taste good with pineapple" - Elder Bolejack
I wont open the other creepy doors that is my companion. But please pray for me.
I think the Lord is preparing me for a really really wierd son.
Yesterday a brave sister in our ward took us around to all her neighbors after she fed us dinner.
We invited them all to learn about the gospel.
Some were more intrested than others, but all took a copy of the Book of Mormon and promised to read it.
We found a new potential investigator from that who is a Russian speaker!
" . . . for he worketh by power according to the faith of the children of men, the same today and tomorrow, and forever."
Moroni 10:7 - The Book of Mormon
Miracles stem from great faith. Faith stems from great desire and diligent action.
Want it, then TRY. See what the Lord will do for you.

love, Elder Curran

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