Friday, November 11, 2011

Went to the Temple with a Convert

I had the privilege of going to the temple this week with Dana Nyberg.
I baptized her a little over a year ago.
This is truly a marvelous work and a wonder.
She is doing great currently serving in the Relief Society.
One of my best friends Sister Minall will be entering the MTC on Wed.
Its been a pleasure to write her during my mission and see her prepare to serve.
One thing that has really been imprinted on me is how the Lord can take someone so flawed and change them into a valiant disiple.
Today I am so much happier.
Im not perfect but my desires are incredibly and dramatically different.
Taking care of a yard is hard work.
It takes mowing and weeding and planting and digging.
No matter how many times you mow or weed. You are still going to need to do it again. And your yard will never look perfect.
But it can come close.
The gospel is the same way.
We continue to work at ourselves and weed our sins out and strive to do whats right.
And just as a "taken-care-of yard" is much more pleasent to look at,
We feel so much better when we apply the gospel in our lives.
I promise.
Its hard work but its worth it. For your yard and your soul.
Lots of Love,
Elder Curran
My new companion :
Elder Smith
From Colorado. (Durango)
Baptized 2 years ago.
Rock solid testimony.
Hard Worker.
Best Last Companion I could have ever asked for.

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