Thursday, November 24, 2011

Teaching New Families

There just isnt enough time! :(

We found 4 new Russian families to teach.
We had a lesson with this polynesian named Willie whos mother's side of his family are all members.
But his dad raised them Methodist. We felt impressed to tell him that if he came to church he would recive an answer that our message was true.
A member who grew up methodist spoke this sacrament meeting and his whole talk was his conversion story from Methodist to LDS.
What a miracle!
My new favorite game is to make stuff up to members about my companion.
This past week I convinced those we ate with that Elder Smith collects sea turtle eggs and is obsessed with birds.
Also that he made a life-size bald eagle out of toilet paper and peanut butter.
I've lost my mind. The only time I feel sane is when we are finding or teaching investigators.

love you all

Elder Curran

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