Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Teaching in Russian

I was buring a shirt on my year mark. I didn't burn pants at 18 months. I was too tired. You're welcome for the pictures. I did get the picture. Have fun in Korea.

I have 24 more weeks as a full-time missionary. I'm being transferred to Kirkland, Washington - Rose Hill Ward. I'm released from bing a zoneLeader after being one for 7 months. (So happy.) They are starting a Russian branch that covers the Everett, Tacoma, and maybe Seattle missions. And I'm the only one that speaks Russian and they are making me cover that. I kind of don't want to proselyte in Russian, but I will because the Lord needs me to do so. The Church is true and everyone needs the Gospel. A recent study shows that only 7% of members are actively working on missionary work, which makes me sick. "Every member a missionary." David O. McKay -- Prophet of God. The Church is true. There are blessings for those who will step and help build the Kingdom of God.


Elder Curran

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