Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Not Feeling Well

I thank everyone for their prayers. Thats what I need more than anything. I was watching some "Mormon Mesages" the other day and I ran across one by Jefferey R. Holland entitled "Good Things to Come". It talked abou some stuggles that the apostle had had as he was younger and raising his family. But he said to "Never give up, Dont you dare give up. There are good things to come he promised. Some blessings come soon, some come later, and some don't come until heaven but they come." Ive never been so tired in my whole life and I know that if I don't give up, (And belive me sometimes I think about it) then other people can have the happiness that I do. Please dont stop praying for me each day. Pray for people searching for the gospel to be put in my path. Pray for me to have the strength to give it 100% each day. Thank you, I need it. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Lords Kingdom once again established on the Earth. I know it by the power of the Holy Ghost.
Up until recently I had been eating lots of sweets because the members always give it to us. Im trying to get back into shape. Also Ive been sitting in a car all day everyday for the past 9 months. We had a baptism on Sat. She didnt get confirmed because satan influenced someone else to drink and then she had to go to the hospital all night and couldnt make it to church. But next week. Cici is black too. Jesus is getting baptized on sat. and then the next sat we have Jenni.

working hard and extremely tired,
love your son elder curran

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