Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Mission - Thus Far

E-Mail to Mom:

I did get the message that you sent. Thank you. Elder Clayton spoke at a Mission Meeting, and I'm going to try and use his advice and baptize 29 more people before I go home. We are probably the most progressing Zone. I just went on splits to my old area and put the daughter of someone I baptized on date to be baptized on Feb 19. With the Lord's help, of course.

General E-Mail:

Wow. I cant belive Ive reached a point where my mission is mostly behind me.
Here is an update of what Ive been up to thus far.

Working my freaking butt off.

The End.

lol. But seriously I can honestly say I've never worked so hard at anything in my life. It's sad because for the first time in my life I'm doing something to truly help other people. When I left for Russia, I was doing it to please others and to get through my "rite of passage" in the Mormon Church, not knowing or caring what I believed or what was happening. Really just going through the motions.

When I truly changed my life around and came back out - I still don't know why I did. I think it was to please a girl's parents. lol ;) But now I know why I'm still here. Because this Restored Gospel is the most important thing ever. Many people I talk to each day seem to think that they are comfortable where they are, in what they believe. Many people tell me that they are happy. But my response to them is that wouldn't you want to be happier? If there is anyone who has felt both ends of the specturm of happiness, true joy, its me. I have yet to feel any happier than as I have come to know that the Book of Mormon is true and all of the other truths that correlate to that truth. That a 14 yr old boy named Joseph Smith saw our Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ. God and Christ spoke to him and later called him as a prophet. They called him to bring back a church that has since been lost. The church that Christ himself established when he was on the Earth. Many people find that hard to believe. But I can promise you that if you pray about it and sincerly ask God. He will be the one who tells you.

As far as the Work, its magnificent. I've learned to appreciate trials and expect miracles. As the hardships come and we continue to put our faith in Jesus Christ and his unconditional love for us. The miracles come. Each day I go out looking for those the Lord has prepared. As I listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost, I am led to them. As they choose to ask God if the things I am saying are true, they recieve answers to their prayers. As they act on the answers they recieve, they are able to exprience the happiness that comes from being baptized, having all their sins washed away, and receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost. God's promised companionship to guide us as long as we try to do what is right.

Missionary Work is by far the most fufilling work we can ever be a part of. So I invite you all to "experiment upon my words" (Alma 32)

To those who do know believe or know whether the Book of Mormon is true or whether Joseph Smith is a prophet of God.
- I invite you to pray and ask God if that is true.
To those that have recieved this answer already
- I invite you to invite someone else to find out that that is true.

More joy awaits you if you are willing to act on the invitation that pertains to you.


- Will you do this?

Please write me back any questions :)

I love you.

Elder Curran

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