Thursday, October 22, 2009

Travels with Chibi

Elder Duersch and companion with Chibi
Brandt and companion Elder Busov with Chibi

Zone conference (with Chibi)

Uh Oh, Poor Chibi!

Brandt included the following e-mail from another missionary that discusses Chibi, the furry toy that appears to be a mission mascot. (The e-mail appears to have been written by one of the Russian missionaries.) Pictures with Chibi above.

We have some more pictures of Chibi's journeys throughout the mission.We've been able to get 2 of the last 3 challenges which is good but we hadn't received a letter from P-Zhok for a while. But we just got the following...

Dear Chibi,
I apologize for the long time between letters. We tightly have been working and we experiencing success. Why-to many of people have been trying to eat me because I am in the quality of food. They don't draw attention on my eyes, mouth and the fact that I speak. It has been to me scary not long ago and to me it seems that someone is trying so stop us and our work. Be careful there. Our conferences of zones have been pretty steep and to us it wants to work dilligentlier than ever. I love this work and our time is diminishing but work hard. Of luck keeping up with our pace. We are still winning, and when you lose, just remember, that there is always available in the school of missionaries a job in the cafeteria. P-Zhok

After we received this letter we received this disturbing's the last one.

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